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Easy Creamy Mayonnaise

Foodie / nutritionist confession. Until today I had never made my own Mayonnaise. It’s true. I kept hearing how hard it was to get right and so it kept scaring me off! On the rare occasion I’ve used Mayo I’ve always had someone around to take care of making it for me. But not today! […]

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Rose Jellies – The Paleo take on Turkish Delight

Holistic Lifestyler, Jeremy Princi, recently declared his love for Turkish Delight, so I thought I’d give a paleo version a go – making it from corn starch was just not an option!   Aside from being delicious, this is another avenue for you to get more connective tissue healing gelatin into your diet.  Great for gut […]

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Beautiful Nourishing Bone Broth – a kitchen staple

A beautiful broth is one of our kitchen essentials for both nutritional and taste purposes.  Bone broths provide an incredible source of nutrition.  Exceptionally high in minerals and collagen, bone broth is an amazing healing food for the gut lining, skin, joints and connective tissue in general.  It’s a great source of easily absorbable protein […]

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Grain Free Bread Rolls

These grain free bread rolls are the bomb.  Most grain free breads are heavy and dense as bricks, suitable for use as weapons.  These guys though, there are soft and fluffy and not at all crumbly.  They are great room temperature and also delicious toasted.  If you prefer a loaf, you can just mould the […]

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Good Gracious Ghee

Anyone who knows me knows I love my ghee.  This divine golden fat is a food of the Gods as far as I’m concerned – both taste wise and nutritionally.  Ghee, or clarified butter has been used for thousands of years in cultures around the world and often honoured as a sacred food, still to […]

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Beautiful nourishing broth

Joint Food

As I’m increasing my training (follow the story here) I’m putting more emphasis on having joint protective nutrients in my diet.  Here’s a batch of absolutely delicious beef bone broth that I had simmering away in the slow cooker for 24hours (beef bones, a carrot choped in half, an onion quatered, a teaspoon or two of whole […]

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